Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

   Geauga Lake History

    Turtle Beach, a new water designed complex for children, opens this year. The Trabant is removed.

The success of Turtle Beach resulted in an expansion featuring additional water elements and a dry play area, Hightide Fun Huts.

     The midway is expanded by the far end of Big Dipper featuring the Mirage, a Weber 1001 Nachts ride and the Casino, a Chance ride that was similar to the Trabant. The Spider was relocated to this new midway.

    Nothing new is added this season. A bungee jump attraction was offered for extra charge for part of the season.

     Texas Twister, a Huss Top Spin and the very first ride of its kind in America, debuts. It is a huge hit.

     Several improvements greeted guests this year. The Sky Glide is removed, the Carousel is restored, and a new theater, the Stagecoach Theater, replaces the Gold Rush Theater. The Gold Rush Theater becomes an arcade.

Funtime sells its family of parks to Premier Parks of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in August. This would also be the last season for the Corkscrew and the much loved Rocket Ships.

     The park sees a lot of improvements under the new owners. The park would receive a new, updated main gate. Mind Eraser, a Vekoma Boomerang coaster, would replace the Corkscrew while the area around the new coaster would sport a 50's theme. Grizzly Run, a river raft ride, is built by Raging Wolf Bobs. The park extends its season even further by hosting its first Halloween event called Hallowscream.

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