Geauga Lake: Today & Forever

 El Dorado

  Former Name: The Mirage

  Relocated To: The ride was moved to Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia, but only operated for a few years. It has been removed to make way for that park's Windseeker.

  Fun Facts: As the Mirage the ride was located on the lakeside back towards the Big Dipper's turnaround that was once home to the Cinema 180 and featured an Arabian Nights/Flying Carpet theme. It also had an extensive lighting package on the main arm. When the ride was removed in 1999 to make way for the Six Flags conversion the flying carpet was changed to the convertible and was re-installed near Big Dipper's entrance on the main midway for 2001.

The Mirage
The Mirage
Sport Bottle feat. Mirage
GL Sport Bottle
feat. Mirage
El Dorado El Dorado